“Beyond differences and geographical boundaries there lies a common interest”

Jean Monnet

Välkommen! Here’s where you’ll find my latest blog posts, along with any other topical information. Check out all my posts and find about more about me using the drop down menu above!

At Stock-home

Well, it’s been over a month since I arrived here in Stockholm and though this is only my third post, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect a little on the time I’ve spent predominantly in the city so far. I’ve been lucky to live in a number of major cities around the world,… Continue Reading →

Security Takes Göteborg

Hej!This week was core course week, which means that I spent all week working with my European Security Dilemmas class at DIS in Stockholm, before heading out to end the week on the west coast in the city of Göteborg. There was a lot to digest as we tackled issues of immigration, integration, and multiculturalism… Continue Reading →

New Beginnings: Home & Abroad

Hej! Välkommen to my first blog post which, as you may notice, is coming a little later than some of my fellow bloggers. I’m a new addition to the team here at DIS Stockholm and I’m really excited to share my adventures this semester with you. In many ways, this is perfect timing, because there’s… Continue Reading →

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