A Premature End: Leaving Stockholm

Hej! Or rather, hello, now, because I’m no longer in Sweden and that’s about two months too soon. Of course, the reason why has pervaded everyone’s lives for what feels like months now, so no need to get into the details of the disruptive COVID-19 virus. But the magnitude of the challenge we face as… Continue Reading →

Time to Travel (Week 1)

Hej! I’m back with another blog post and this time I’m covering travel week one, which was actually two weeks ago now. It was our first major break from DIS and gave around half of the students a chance to get away from classes, or Sweden altogether, and that’s what I did! I was lucky… Continue Reading →

The Swedish Family

Hej again! In this post I wanted to talk about an integral part of the DIS experience for many students, which is the homestay option for housing. Out of all the options DIS students get prior to arrival in the program for residence, the homestay is the most popular and it was all the buzz… Continue Reading →

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