A Premature End: Leaving Stockholm

Drottningholm Palace, residence of the Swedish Royal Family and one of my last trips with my host family in Stockholm Hej! Or rather, hello, now, because I'm no longer in Sweden and that's about two months too soon. Of course, the reason why has pervaded everyone's lives for what feels like months now, so no... Continue Reading →

Time to Travel (Week 1)

Hej! I'm back with another blog post and this time I'm covering travel week one, which was actually two weeks ago now. It was our first major break from DIS and gave around half of the students a chance to get away from classes, or Sweden altogether, and that's what I did! Karlskirche, a Baroque... Continue Reading →

The Swedish Family

Getting Swedish savory waffle sandwiches with just a few of my extended host family! Hej again! In this post I wanted to talk about an integral part of the DIS experience for many students, which is the homestay option for housing. Out of all the options DIS students get prior to arrival in the program... Continue Reading →

At Stock-home

View of the Stockholm rooftops from Observatorielunden, in the Vasastaden district Well, it's been over a month since I arrived here in Stockholm and though this is only my third post, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect a little on the time I've spent predominantly in the city so far. I've been lucky... Continue Reading →

Security Takes Göteborg

Hej!This week was core course week, which means that I spent all week working with my European Security Dilemmas class at DIS in Stockholm, before heading out to end the week on the west coast in the city of Göteborg. There was a lot to digest as we tackled issues of immigration, integration, and multiculturalism... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings: Home & Abroad

The European Union flag flies proudly in front of the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament, earlier this week but on Friday it was lowered in the UK. Hej! Välkommen to my first blog post which, as you may notice, is coming a little later than some of my fellow bloggers. I'm a new addition to the... Continue Reading →

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